Real Security Doors Compared with Other Options

Security Doors

What’s on the other side of your welcome mat? Does it have foam-filled fiberglass, a traditional wood finish, or a proper security doors? Their classic wood doors have garnered a lot of attention. The design of my wood door is purely natural and traditional. “Wood is one of my favorite materials.” Because of the foam filling in their fiberglass doors, owners claim that their fiberglass doors have the look of traditional wood while providing more insulation value. Furthermore, fiberglass is less costly than wood, and it eliminates the need to cut down a tree.

While fiberglass and wood may look nice and provide some insulation, security doors are practically impenetrable. Isn’t that what you and your family need most? Intruders may quickly get through a foam-filled door, but are you truly prepared for that? Is the thought of thieves kicking down a wood door making you feel a bit less confident in the way it looks?

Security Doors

The Arguments Against Steel Security Doors

Wood and fiberglass door manufacturers claim that their solutions are more visually appealing than steel doors. Security doors, according to some, may be damaged. Oh my goodness! The actual steel door could get dented if you get back into it with your truck or car. Theirs probably wouldn’t even get to the point of being left on the door hinges.

This may be countered by pointing out that security doors don’t have the same level of insulation as doors packed with fiberglass foam. The answer to your question is as follows: Because steel is a solid material, it provides natural insulation. Although your door may feel hot to the touch outside due to the sun’s rays, the interior of the door will remain cold. Is it better to have an R-value with a fiberglass door to keep the heat out? Or to have a solid steel door to keep out home invaders? Steel seemed to be an obvious option.

Next, they say steel will rust. That is also correct, to reiterate. Steel security doors may rust if not treated with a sealant and painted. Steel doors are now available with veneers of cherry, mahogany, oak, or walnut, so you may add trust to the argument while still benefiting from steel’s durability. When painting security doors, you have the option of choosing any color that will complement your other structural components. The frame’s strength is the most noticeable difference between the two models.

Real Security Doors
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The frame is where the true strength lies

You read it correctly. The door is made of 22-gauge steel and is secured with multi-point locks inside a steel frame. Having three deadbolts that all lock at the same time is what multi-point locks are like. Bronze, brushed nickel, and polished brass finishes are available for these electronic digital door locks. Reputable security door suppliers now offer a mahogany door with polished brass hardware that has the timeless appearance of a mahogany door with smart technology. Additionally, since these doors are personalized, you may choose to install beveled or frosted glass.

What if we told you that roughly two-thirds of all thieves gain entry via an outside door on your property? Wood or fiberglass doors may be used, but security doors are out of the question for these people. It’s important to remember that most housebreakers want a simple entry and exit. Security doors will force them to move on to the next simple target.

Sleeping better at night is a result of increased security

Don’t put your faith in a wood or fiberglass foam-filled door that provides a false sense of protection. When it comes to taking what you’ve worked so hard for, gate-crashers may simply beat a wood or fiberglass door, even one that has a lock installed. It helps you and your family sleep well at night because you know there is a physical barrier between you and the people who want to rob you.

Other firms out there will offer you a robust steel door but leave you with the same wooden frame that can be wrenched open or kicked down. For this project, you’ll need a three-punch combination of a 22-gauge steel door placed in a steel frame that has several locking points. With real security doors, you will have a feeling of security in knowing that your house is secured and that your family is protected.