Melbourne Airport Parking Commonly-Asked Questions

Melbourne Airport Parking

Melbourne Airport Parking is quite convenient, whether you’re traveling on business or for a family vacation. Knowing that your car is secure while you are gone helps achieve the desired sense of security. Therefore, without further ado, let us address those questions immediately.

Melbourne Airport Parking: commonly asked questions answered

1. How can I make changes to my Melbourne airport parking reservation?

In most situations, you may alter your booking up to one hour before the start of your Melbourne Airport Parking, either online or by calling the car park agency. If your ticket is altered by less than six hours (for example, if your flight schedule is altered significantly), there is no need to contact and modify your booking. You may enter the car park up to six hours in advance and exit up to six hours later without incurring a fee.

To make changes to your booking online, simply return to the booking website and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Melbourne Airport Parking

2. How can I cancel my parking reservation?

You usually have to follow the terms and conditions of your booking if you want to cancel your Airport Parking Melbourne. If it says so in the product description, some special offer bookings can’t be changed or canceled.

You must cancel at least an hour before your car park arrival time or date if you don’t want to pay for it. No refunds will be made for cancellations made within one hour of the car park’s arrival date. Visit the website where you made your reservation and follow the on-screen instructions. If you made your reservation via one of their sales representatives, please get in touch with them directly.

3. Are there any limitations on height?

Most of the airport’s vehicle parks and all multi-story car parks have a height limit of 2.0 meters (6 ft. 6 inches).

4. I have made a reservation for parking in advance. What should I carry with me to the airport?

All you need is the email confirmation of your booking. This should be a physical copy to guarantee that the code can be scanned at all of the car park barriers.

To help you find the right parking lot, your booking confirmation will show you where to go and your booking number. It would help if you kept it with you when you spoke with a staff member. This might sometimes change based on the Melbourne airport parking provider you choose.

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Melbourne Airport Parking

5. Why are the dates I’m attempting to book unavailable?

The lack of available parking spaces might be a result of the following:

  • The Melbourne airport car park is completely booked for the duration of your stay or a portion of it.
  • because the vehicle parking product’s booking criteria have not been satisfied.
  • because you are attempting to schedule a shorter stay than the minimum required.

Alternately, you may change your option or pick another parking lot. Please double-check that you have provided the right arrival time for meet and greet appointments.

If you continue to have trouble, please call the Melbourne airport parking service’s Customer Contact Center, who will advise you on a suitable alternative car park.

7. Are all parking lots covered?

Not all parking lots at Melbourne Airport are uncovered. However, Melbourne Airport has a range of parking alternatives to meet your needs. Both the international and domestic terminals have sheltered parking.

8. What facilities are available?

There are more high-quality services at private parking lots near the airport in Melbourne than at on-site parking spaces at the airport. The shuttle service is available immediately and will transport you to the terminal and help you with your luggage. Typically, you are escorted immediately to the check-in desk, saving substantial time.

To make your stay even more pleasant, additional conveniences are also available. Services such as covered and indoor parking, newspapers, bottled water, baggage help, charging stations, and car washing during the winter season are normally provided at no cost. Other services, such as valet parking, vehicle washing, and maintenance, are available for a small price if you agree to pay the fee.

Melbourne Airport Parking

9. What should I know about Melbourne airport parking?

Pre-booking your parking space at the airport is a good idea if you know precisely when you need to arrive at the airport. Keep your parking ticket in your possession at all times. If you fail to retrieve your ticket, you may be required to pay a fine to move your vehicle from the parking lot.

Keep your vehicle locked and keep the keys in your possession. Keep valuables and chargers out of sight at all times. Make no attempt to dupe the parking lot cashier. Tell the truth about how long your vehicle has been sitting in the parking lot. If you have misplaced your parking ticket, the airport parking employees will still be able to tell how long your vehicle has been parked in the lot or garage, owing to the airport’s revenue management system. The same applies to off-site Melbourne airport parking services offered by service providers. 

Ask a parking lot cashier to contact the appropriate supervisor if your vehicle won’t start. Numerous airports provide complimentary jump-start services to parking lot clients. Some parking lots even have the personnel to assist you in chipping ice off your vehicle or inflating flat tires.

Allow enough time for parking if you’re traveling during the Christmas season. During popular vacation months, airport garages and parking lots rapidly fill up.

So, now that you know a lot about Melbourne airport parking services and options, why not choose us? Our rates are the most affordable, and our parking lots are secured.